Why Sponsor The Capacitor

Who are we?

We are a 3 day entrepreneurship immersion for kids 18 and under. Our goal is to be able to take a child throughout the entire business process in a weekend and have them leave with the skills and tools to create their own startup. The Capacitor also gives students the opportunity to collaborate with different kids from all over the metroplex and work with local business leaders.

How do sponsorships help?

Financial Aid: No matter where a student is coming from, we want to be able to provide the opportunity for them to receive these valuable tools to empower them with the knowledge that they could create another source of income for themselves through business.

Admissions: The $100 cost for attendees 

Swag: T-shirts, name tags, stickers, etc. So students can be proud they made it through The Capacitor

What are the benefits?

Branding: The Capacitor is an excellent way to showcase your company’s involvement in education, community, and developing future leaders. This will also be an opportunity for both the students, their families, and our live feeds going off over the weekend to see what our sponsors are making happen.

Foster Potential: We attract the most passionate minds in the metroplex. Students who are driven to create and solve problems in the world. 

Non-profit: Tax-deductible as a 501c3

Plans and Pricing

All contributions are tax-deductible. The Capacitor is operating under Makarios, a non-profit 501c3.

Senior Partner

  • Senior logo placement on website    
  • Opportunity to present a 5 minute talk to the attendees 
  • Opportunity to put up booth/banners inside the host venue
  • 1 Judge position available 1 Mentor position (if available) Award Presenting Rights  

Vice Partner

  • Vice logo placement on website  
  • 1 Mentor position (if available)   
  • Opportunity to put up booth/banners inside the host venue      

Esteemed Partner

  • Esteemed logo placement on website  
  • 1 Mentor position (if available)   
  • Opportunity to put up a booth/banner outside the host venue   

Pipeline Partner

  • Valued partner name on website    
  • Interested in The Capacitor and connect with the mission? You might be a great fit for our Pipeline sponsorship.
  •  The Pipeline Sponsorship will be in support of our local education community, cross-promoting the value of developing entrepreneurial skills in children.
  •  Submit a sponsorship request form below with how your business/organization aligns with us.

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